2018 Interior Design Trends

I've been writing this post over the past couple of days and I'm so excited to share it with you! After reading a ton of articles and flipping through magazines, I'm showing you what just might be on 2018's trend radar. Now remember, just because it might be on trend, doesn't mean you have to design with it. Everyone's home is different and everyone likes different styles. You might hate some of these predictions and that's totally okay! 
First, what from 2017 is going to continue on in the new year?!
Sticking Around:

- Mixed Metals: hooray! I'll be sad to see this trend go, if it ever does. 

- Herringbone: a classic pattern, I just love this look! 3 clients put in herringbone patterns last year, so it's a really good thing this "trend" is sticking around ;) The thing is, though, even if this wasn't on the list of trends, it would still be gorgeous and a great choice for a house, as it's about as classic as they come. Did you know this pattern dates back to the building of Egyptian roads, textile design and jewelry making?

- Open Shelving: this feature gives an airy look to your space and affords you some extra space to style your goods.

Trends on the Rise for 2018:
- Color in kitchens and baths: saturated hues for cabinets, black fixtures and faucets, rugs, copper, rose gold and brass faucets -- you name it, it's getting bolder!
(side note: this is the most successful complimentary color palette used with green and red I've ever seen!)

Black faucets make for a bold statement, really highlighting the beautiful fixtures.

Brass fixtures and faucets make the room feel more elegant and collected.

White cabinets will still be in (I don't think this will ever go away!) but adding in some color in oriental and saturated rugs will become more popular.
- No upper cabinets & flat cabinet fronts: this might not work for everyone (I wouldn't know what to do without upper cabinets because of storage space!) but if you can manage it, I'm sure it'll make your kitchen feel much more airy and open. 

Flat cabinet fronts are also making an appearance. You can achieve this look with any style, but I think it lends itself to a modern or transitional style the best. This isn't my favorite trend, to be honest. I love the character a 5 piece drawer front gives your cabinets!
- Wallpaper: this trend will only be growing! Large scale floral patterns are being seen a lot more...
Hey, not complaining ;)

Bold geometric patterns will always be a great option for wallpaper:

Same wallpaper, but more subtle (you can find wallpaper here):
*Designer tip: if you want to use this trend but are a little scared, try a wallpaper in a powder bath! It's a small space to commit to.

- Natural materials: you'll see lots of marble in more extravagant ways! Integrated sinks, full marble backsplashes, and lots of accents. This picture below actually shows a lot of trends for 2018 in one kitchen: flat cabinets, colored fixtures, mixing metals, open shelving, more color, herringbone floors and lots of marble. Ha!
Concrete seen in counters and floors will also be a material to look out for. 
- More Pattern: As seen in the wallpaper trend already, large scale floral accents & geometric patterns will become even more. Patterns especially in tile work, will be king. 
Bone inlay in furniture will also be seen a lot. I'm SO excited about this trend and can't wait to do a post showing you some ideas on how to incorporate this in your space, even if you're on a budget.

- Terrazzo: now this is a trend I actually do not like at all! Just being honest ;) 
If you don't know what this is, it's "a composite material, poured in place or precast, which is used for floor and wall treatments. It consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other suitable material, poured with a cementitious binder". 
Here it is in a countertop:

They're even making fabrics with the pattern on it (I like the fabric better than the real thing!):

You can see it in flooring form here:

I tend to like things that are more vein-y and natural looking. When I choose quartz or marble or granite with clients, I tend to steer away from those that have spotted looks to them with irregular shapes and instead go towards the more subtle, flowing designs. So maybe that's why I'm not on board with this Terrazzo trend. We'll see-- maybe time will change my opinion! It also seems like it errors to the modern style, and that's just not me either, so that could be another reason I'm not drawn to it.
So, I'm curious to hear what YOU think! Tell me your favorite and your least favorite trend in the comments!
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Guest Bedroom Redo

Well, it finally happened. After years of me not living in my parents' house, my mom and dad finally wanted to turn it into a guest room. Which I am totally fine with, because my old room had a twin day bed and we could really use more beds at their house when my brother, his wife and my husband and I come home at the same time! They enlisted my help to turn the bedroom into a guest room, so I'm showing you the results today!

We really just made some minor changes, but kept the color palette the same. The old wall color was a beautiful mint shade of green, but my parents decided to paint all the walls a neutral shade so that if they decide to sell or rent out the house sometime in the future, it'd be ready for house showings. I also love neutral walls with pops of color in the rooms, so that everything flows better. So while I loved the old color on my walls, I wasn't mad to see it go. This new shade is Malibu Beige by Kelly Moore at 75% (meaning lightened a little bit).

BEFORE: bold color palette with punchy abstract art (made by yours truly!) See the full room here

AFTER: subtle walls with small pops of pink and green.

As you can see, we kept the curtains I custom made for my old room, since we were keeping the same color palette but just toning it down.

 My grandma made this pillow for my old room by using extra fabric she had leftover from sewing the curtains. Here's the full pillow cover.

We needed small nightstands to fit on the inside line of the built-in bookshelves, so these from Pier 1 fit the bill! They're on sale now. I love that they have storage as well. The bedside lamps are the perfect height for this small area, while the crystal glass look gives it that elegant touch.

When I was home taking these pictures over Christmas break, Whole Foods had peonies and I nearly lost my mind! So fun, since they're usually only found in June and sometimes the first week of July!

 We kept the same dresser I found and redid years ago (<-- tutorial there) in the space, since it was neutral. 

This peachy blush blanket is a blanket we used on the reception furniture at our wedding (from Target a few years ago), so it's great to see it in use at my parent's house now! It's the perfect color for the room. My mom said she learned to drape blankets at the end of beds from Joanna Gaines, since almost all her Fixer Upper houses have that :)

My favorite thing in the room has to be these new prints from my friend Annie of Wildfield Paper Co. hanging above the bed. I knew we needed something with color up above the new headboard, but we also needed it relatively small so that it fit the small space between the headboard and built ins. This series of 3 prints was the perfect fit!

The headboard is really wonderful as well. It's great quality for only being around $230!

Look how amazing they are! Annie is a master of watercolor. She has tons of prints to choose from here in her shop. The frames are also a favorite element! I was searching high and low for gold frames and almost ordered some on Target's website, but so many reviews were mentioning they were cheap quality, so I turned to Etsy. Right away I found these gold frames that had amazing reviews! I'll be adding to those reviews, because they are beautiful and we were all impressed with the quality. 

In case you're wondering, these are 11x14 prints and frames.

white bedding / nightstands / lamps (bedside size) / headboard / gold frames / watercolor prints-- dogwood, peony, magnolia /

We loved staying in the new room over Christmas! My 6'3" husband was so happy to have a queen bed :) Even though I loved my mint and peach room, the neutral space is a lovely change and it does help the house flow more as you walk down the hallway.

Hope you liked seeing the tour of the mini bedroom redo! Did your parents turn your room into anything else once you were out of the house? 

Happy Monday!

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Spring Hearth & Hand Collection Faves & What I Got

Thanks for all your kind comments about my latest client reveal! We had so much fun with that kitchen design. Yesterday before I went to Starbucks to work for a few hours, I popped into Target to see the Hearth & Hand by Magnolia Spring line for the first time. There are some really fun pieces! What I like about the collection is how neutral and basic it is. You can get a few of these items to layer with and just add seamlessly into your current decorations.

PS. I cannot believe they're expecting!! I guess I just didn't see that one coming. So fun!
Here were some favorites for me:

I love the emerald color of these glasses.
They also come in clear, though!
This aluminum charger with gold trim is one of my favorite things! They're only $9.99 a piece!

Loving the dotted pitcher. Perfect for serving a drink or to put some branches in for display on your bookshelf.

Simple candle with a touch of gold. Loved the smell of this one!

The faux wreaths are really nice! Which is always surprising to me ;)

These hurricane glasses could be filled with a taller pillar candle and place on a coffee table, console table or inside your fireplace if it doesn't work and you do candle displays instead.

This astilbe is the only fake plant I didn't feel like looked super real. It's very plastic-y ;) Just being honest! BUT I do love the metal house behind it and the pitchers it's in. The dogwood blooms behind there in the picture are also great. I was so close to getting them, but since there's still snow here, I'm sticking it out with my cotton branches.

The new office folders are super cute!!
A little round up of my favorite things below. I just mightttt have picked up the set of three wooden houses. I can't quit houses, you guys! I'm excited to style them on our faux mantel ledge up our staircase. I'll show you soon!

Have you gone in the store to see the collection? If so, what'd you grab?
Have a lovely day
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