Friday Finds: Booties, Boots and Flats for Fall

I'm sure glad it's Friday, because I need some rest this weekend! The weather has been insanely beautiful this week, which I'm so thankful for! However, while in the middle of writing this post, our power went out (no idea why-- it's 70 and sunny!) so I am now writing from the Starbucks down the street. Not complaining about that ;)

Since getting two new pairs of booties for fall this year, I've been obsessed and noticing booties, boots and other cute shoes for fall everywhere I go. I thought I'd round up some of my favorites for you incase you're in the market for some new kicks. 


A few favorites:

3: I have these cut out bootiesand showed you them here. I absolutely love them, but make sure to size down a HALF size! 

4: Love the chestnut color of these!
5. I haven't gotten a pair of loafers yet, but I have my eye on this pair!
6: I have these boots and they are, by far, the most comfortable pair of tall boots I own. They come in black and brown. Get a pair now and thank me later!!

7: I also have these tall boots and they're my second most comfortable pair of boots. I have last year's in the non-suede, but my mom has the suede. They're really pretty! (ps. this picture makes me cold looking at snow!!!)

10: These are WATERPROOF, ladies. Such a game changer for living in Michigan. Also SO comfy!! On sale now! Sorry, I know I shared these Monday, but I couldn't resist since now they're on sale.

Anthropologie: 25% off sale
This gingham top is calling my name.

I love the Loft, it's no secret-- I share their clothes all the time. They always have sales, which makes it even better! I think I'm going to get this poncho in navy.

Have a wonderful weekend!
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3 Decorating Mistakes You Might Not Know You're Making

Alright friends, we're talking about design crimes today. Over the past 6 years of owning my interior design business, I've seen a lot of rooms and houses! I don't think people do things because they think it doesn't look good (who would do that?!), I think people make design decisions because they just don't know the more pleasing way to do things. Don't be offended if you're making any one of these three mistakes!! I've made lots of decorating mistakes over the years-- thanks to my parents for letting me experiment with their house while I was in high school, so I could get a lot of them out then ;) Hopefully these will be helpful to you as you're creating a home you love. #3 is more of a decorating lesson, so I hope you learn a little something there!
1. Hanging art or wall decor too high or too low.
I see this all the time! It mostly happens when a shorter or taller-than-average person is doing the hanging :) The center of your art should be about 55-60" high off the floor to achieve the "perfect" height!

 The other thing to note here is that if you're hanging an object (like a mirror or painting) above a piece of furniture or over a mantle, there needs not to be too much space in between the said mantle and the bottom of the object. If there's a huge gap, the two things look very disjointed. So if you follow the ~60" center rule and it's too high above whatever you're hanging it above, then you can cheat it down a little. Every rule always an exception, right?! ;)

2. Furniture pushed up against your walls.

This is a big one. A lot of people are misguided when it comes to furniture placement. Most would simply put their sofa and chairs up against walls, but often that can make a room look smaller and create an awkward pit right in the middle of a room, which also becomes the place everyone has to walk through the room. All that dead space in the middle of the room is anything but inviting! 
When you pull furniture off the wall and really think about a functional layout, your room feels like it can breath, you create a more interesting layout, AND you can create intentional pathways for people to walk. Bonus is your space usually looks bigger and more inviting, because you are able to create better conversation areas!
(Of course there are exceptions to this! A media stand and tv should always be against a wall, so should a buffet in a dining room. This is more specific to a living or family room...or even an office!) 

3. Not lighting your space.
Builders don't always put the right lighting in a house to really make it feel welcoming, create ambience and give you good task lighting (lighting you need to complete a task). This is one of the reasons I love working with clients who are designing a new home or doing a reno on a current home from the beginning-- things like lighting often get overlooked! What I'm getting at here is that you can have a beautiful room with pretty decor, but if you can't see it, what's the point?! ;)

One of my favorite elements in a room is the lighting.  It's the light that truly highlights and brings to life the architecture and design of any room. It's like jewelry for your home! In interior design school, I learned all that technical stuff like lumens, wattage, foot candles, A-lamp, R-lamp, that is the not-so-fun-but-still-important-part. Lost you yet?! ;) I don't want to bore you with that stuff, but I DO want to educate you on bringing the proper light to your space. Remember to include 3-4 of the 4 types of light in every room:

1. General {the overhead lighting that generally lights up the room}
2. Task {light that helps you perform specific tasks, like reading or cooking. These are typically can lights or table lights.}
3. Accent {sconces, pendants, or recessed lighting that are used to highlight artwork, sculptures, fabric, or architectural details}
4. Decorative {primarily the ornamental chandelier lighting, wall sconces, candles, entry fixtures, that are meant to stand out and draw your eye to them as being a statement piece.}

Above images by Ashley Slater Photography for Michaela Noelle Designs

 Michaela Noelle Designs

How's that for a design school lesson?! 
So, are you committing any of these design crimes?
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Our Finished Gallery Wall

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me post about a new piece of art I had my friend, Chelsea, do to complete our gallery wall. She used watercolor to paint a picture of my bridal bouquet! I'm so in love with it, because it's one of my very favorite details of our wedding day, so I'm really thankful to have the memory of it preserved in the painted form. I thought I'd show you the final product today!

The gallery wall hangs at the top of our stairs, as you walk into our apartment, so this is our entry way.

 I absolutely love this piece! I'm so grateful to have such an amazingly talented painter as a friend!! Every time someone comes over, they ohhh and aww over this art. I just thought the other day about what a perfect gift this would be as a wedding planner, photographer or florist, to give to a bride. I know I would love it :)

Now our gallery wall is finally complete! Do you have any unique pieces that are extra special in your gallery collections?

Happy Wednesday!

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The Short List 6

Happy Monday! I'm back from Dallas, so back at the blog and work this week. I didn't intend to completely stop blogging last week, but time certainly got away from me while at the workshop I was teaching! If you didn't catch it, I shared our fall decor at our home last week

I love doing these Short List posts, it's a fun break from regular design and fashion posts around here. And I LOVE more than anything, hearing from you guys in the comments! 

What We're Watching: THIS IS US! Both of us love this one. If your husband doesn't watch this with you, you should force them ;) And when McCann watches football, I watch Gilmore Girls, which (astonishingly) I've never seen before and completely adore!

What I'm Loving: 

1. My mom, dad and brother are coming to visit during my birthday week in 2 weeks. I can't wait to have them all here at the same time! We're going to see Wicked, the guys will go to a Michigan football game and then my mom and I will do some shopping. We're definitely going to take them to our favorite restaurant, Donkey.

2. The Mason Jar Boutique & alllll the fall clothes!! They add new things to the shop And most of the pieces don't break the bank! You can use the code BLOOMING for $10 off $30 order. I just got this simple gray dress with elbow patches and it's great. It comes in 3 colors. It's super cozy, thick enough to wear without tights but will look cute with them in the winter as well.

3. These waterproof booties. I got them during the Nordstrom Sale a few months ago, but only wore them for the first time yesterday and I'm obsessed. I'd buy them again, even if they weren't on sale...they're that good! They are by far the most comfortable pair of booties I own and if you live in a wet / snowy climate like me, then these are LIFE in the fall and winter (and spring, really!) I ordered my regular size and they fit great.

What We're Eating: I was gone in Dallas last week, so I ate out every meal (not complaining!), so we got Blue Apron for my husband while I was gone, so he wouldn't have to do any grocery shopping. If you want to try it out, you can leave your email in a comment and I'll send you a free week of meals!

What's on My Desk: This week I'm slammed, in the best way, with catching up on client design work. Today I am going to 4 different locations with a client to finish up choosing all the materials for his new build home. This client is actually a local builder and I'm helping him design HIS new lake house. I'm also going to be working on a dining room project, family room design and finishing up the details for another new build. We're going to be designing the bathrooms this week, which I'm excited about!

This is the basic plan for a current family room project. I always start with the major pieces, then choose pillows, curtains, lamps, and other decor once the big pieces are decided on. I'll be sure to keep you posted on how this one turns out as it finishes up!

Looking Forward to: We added a Holiday workshop to our Bloom Workshop schedule! If you're local to Michigan, we'd love to have you on November 21st in downtown Grand Rapids for our 5 hour workshop. You'll take a floral arranging workshop where you'll get to create your Thanksgiving centerpiece, you'll take a calligraphy class and have the chance to make your holiday gift tags in beautiful lettering, you'll get to watch a holiday tablescape demo + get some inspiring tips to create your own at home, then you'll get to shop some local boutiques for holiday goods, gifts, and decor. We're SO excited about this workshop!!

If you are local and interested in coming, you can use my special discount code (because I'd love to meet you!!) MICHAELA15 for 15% off at checkout. You can get the full details here.

What We're Reading: We just ordered Mingling of Souls by Matt Chandler (one of our favorite pastors) and can't wait to dive in together when it arrives. 

What Lincoln is up to: Lincoln is doing so well these days! He's about 22lbs of complete fluff and a lot of his puppy behaviors are going away (PTL). He doesn't play bite anymore, rarely chews anything he's not supposed to and is a really good listener! Last week we taught him "go to your crate" and so now when we say it, he runs to his crate and gets a treat. Super helpful in trying to get out of the house quickly! He loves his little crate :) He's almost done teething, I think, because he's not chewing things as much and isn't whining when he's chewing a bone anymore. I'm so glad this is winding down, because it's just so sad. And I'm glad to have my hands back after a few weeks of them having constant scratches! The only issue we're having right now is that we think he's allergic to his dog food, so we're in the middle of switching the food to something else. His tummy has been upset the last week, so we're hoping it's the food and it'll go away!

Lincoln is going to stay with our breeder for a night in a few weeks, when we have a church retreat. He LOVES going back here because he gets to see his sister, Finley, and his dog mama. I love when he visits, because he comes home super tired! ;)

Alright, share a few of your answers below!


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