Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her

Can you believe we're only a few weeks out from Valentine's Day? I know a lot of people think this is a dumb holiday, and I sort of agree, but it can also be really sweet if you think about as a day to intentionally show those you care about that you love them! Every day should be like that, but we have a special day every year to devote to making others feel loved. With this being our first married Valentine's Day, we're embracing it. My husband is planning our evening and I'm really looking forward to it! Whether you're celebrating with a spouse or significant other or with your best gals, I've found a bunch of sweet gifts for the occasion.

DETAILS | drop earrings / coconut and mango candle / blush watch / iphone peony case / ruffle cold shoulder blouse / valentine's day socks / 52 lists for happiness book / posies body & hair oil / marc jacobs perfume

I just LOVE the idea of this 52 lists for happiness book. The book helps you generate a ton of lists, all pointing toward joy and thankfulness. And the cover is gorgeous! A candle is always a great gift-- I don't think you could have too many. I often use this day to give little soaps, bubble bath or oils to my girlfriends as a way to pamper themselves. This is also a great time of year to gift perfumes. I don't think I've ever loved a perfume more than I love the one I have right now, so that's why I included the Daisy Eau So Fresh perfume.

I found a few other things I think could be really cute gifts, too! Guys (all 4 of them who read my blog), listen up! This would be a sweet puzzle to do together then frame and hang in your house:

If you are a tea or coffee lover like me, a thermal mug like this (especially one that's called "Hot Stuff") is a perfect gift! Free tip to the men: fill the mug with chocolate and a gift card to the nail salon and we'll love you forever. #amirightladies 

This gift is a great idea for your wife or girlfriend OR for your best friends if you're celebrating galentine's day! You know Sprinkles Cupcakes? (THE best!) Well, they made a red velvet lip scrub. I need!

Need some new PJ's? A good time to hint you like these pants and this top. I love PJ Salvage brand...they're pretty true to size, but I did get an XS instead of a S in my Christmas pjs from them this year. They fit a bit better, since pajama pants tend to stretch out a little.

Major brownie points to the husbands out there who go with this idea. My love language is "gifts" and "words of affirmation", specifically in hand written form...ha! SO if my husband did this alone on Valentine's Day I would cry tears of happiness. This is a cute little book that has fill in the blanks, for you to write in what you love about your spouse. Gift this to your wife with all the blanks filled in and she is promised to melt. At least I would ;)

A great idea for your girlfriends are these cute heart of gold mugs! Even if you're in a relationship, it's always fun to celebrate your bffs, too!
Another awesome idea for the guys to get their ladies! Date Night In (we got this for our wedding) is full of fun recipes to make together at home. Get this for your girl and cook her a recipe in the book on Valentine's Day if she's the type who wants to stay in :)

Lastly, whether your a guy looking to turn up the romance or a bunch of girls hosting a panty exchange (this is a really fun thing to do on Valentine's Day!), the verdict is in. These are absolutely the best panties. Soft, last forever, lacey, come in many colors and are on sale. What more could you ask for?! I prefer the low rise. (Just noting this is the first time I've ever posted intimates on my blog. Insert emoji face with rosy cheeks!)

More gifts for her:

- Flowers!
- Chocolate
- Gift card to the spa or nail salon
- Gift card to favorite coffee shop
- Night away with her best friends
- Dinner and a movie out
- Cooking dinner for her in

Okay ladies, what did I miss?! I'll be back with some gift ideas for the guys later in the week.


Monday, January 23, 2017

The Short List 1

Hi friends! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. We had so much fun on date night this Saturday night at a Murder Mystery dinner. I can't wait to tell you all about it soon! Today is my first post in a new monthly series called The Short List. Here I'll be giving you the scoop on what we've been up to lately-- what we're reading, watching, eating, etc. Hope you like it!! If you want another topic covered in The Short List, just comment with it and I'll add it in next month!

What We're Watching: Hands-down our favorite show on right now is This Is Us. We just started it this month and watched the first 10 episodes in about 10 days. It is SO GOOD. And also, I cry nearly every episode...so touching! We also can't wait for Designated Survivor to come back in March.

As far as shows I watch by myself: Nashville and Project Runway (this season it's with little kids and I'm always blown away!!) Of course I also watch Fixer Upper :)

What I'm Loving: A few things!

1. Our ticket sales for The Bloom Workshop open TODAY! We're coming to Northern California, Traverse City, Chicago, Grand Rapids and Dallas! It's a really fun lineup and I'd love to meet you at an event or two.

2. TULIPS! I'm so glad that these blooms are available year round. Especially loving that they're $4.99 at Trader Joes!

3. I finally got around to buying gallery wall frames for our wedding photos! I can't wait for them to arrive and get them up on the wall. Thankfully we had gift cards to Pottery Barn, so we got these beautiful frames in the gilt color!

What I'm Wearing: It's cold here. Have I mentioned that lately?! ;) So I spend most of my days in leggings with sweaters. And honestly, sometimes pajamas. #noshame

I wear this sweater at least twice a week (it helps that I have both black and gray ;))

What We're Eating: I'm really trying to be a better cook for my husband! He's so nice, even when I burn chicken, he eats it. I shop mostly at Trader Joes because of the price point, the small scale of the store (I hate those big super stores!) and because they have really tasty food. If we're in a hurry, I love Trader Joes Orange Chicken. I make it with rice and broccoli. I also made chili and cornbread this month, along with cranberry chicken and rice recipe. One of my favorite meals to make and take to friends houses is flank steak tacos in the crockpot. So I made that for a friend who just had a baby! On New Years Day I made my mom's famous egg casserole...it was delicious.

If I'm being honest, cooking isn't my favorite; probably because I haven't mastered it and that bothers me! PLEASE share crockpot recipes with me!! Those are so easy and delicious.

What's on My Desk: This week I'm working on a baby boy nursery design + a modern/industrial home office. Here's a peek of that. We're currently deciding between a few comfy chair options for the corner of the room.

SOURCESL desk / leather swivel chair / small desk / chair / rug / everly / irving / tyler

Looking Forward to: I'm going home to California in a few weeks to dog sit our family golden retriever, Hope, while my parent's take off for a Hawaiian vacay. I can't wait to see her and be in some warmer weather!

What We're Reading: My husband and I have started reading at night together a few times a week and it's been really sweet. It's fun to be together doing the same thing, but reading different books and then sharing thoughts.

He's reading Speaking of Jesus and loves it. I'm reading How We Love and it's so interesting. It's one of the best marriage books I've read, because it gives you really great insight into why you might be how you are in your marriage, due to your childhood experiences.

That is what's on my short list this month. Comment answering some of the prompts below! I'd love to hear what you're up to as well :)

Happy Monday!


Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Finds: Tees with Details

Happy Friday! Do you ever just wake up and not really feel like putting a ton of effort into your outfit that day? But you still want to look cute? I rounded up my favorite tees with a little extra detail for you today... and most of them are under $40-50! I love simple pieces that error on the feminine side. A top with ruffles?! Get in my closet ;)

I also love simple sweaters or tees like this gray one that can be paired with vests, cute jackets, worn with jeans, leggings or even skirts! You can find the vest on sale here.

Alright, here are all my favorite simple tees with some extra cute detail!

Would you wear any of these?? I sure would; especially THIS one for spring and summer. And it's on sale! I also just want to note that the LOFT is having a 50% off sale and their sweaters are SO cute! Use code NOEXCUSES.

Have a GREAT Friday and weekend!

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

2017 Design Trends

Today I'm dishin' on a few design trends I think we'll be seeing a lot of in 2017! Let me know in the comments what you think of them and if YOU would go for any of them :)

1. Geometric tiles.
This trend will be seen in backsplashes for the kitchen and bath, floor tiles, and more. This works great in eclectic, modern, mid century and even some traditional and farmhouse (hexagon flooring, anyone?!) styled homes.


I was recently picking out some backsplashes for one of my design clients and found all these goodies:

2. Monochromatic design.
This is a color palette in which you stick with shades (color + black) and tints (color + white) of the same hue. In this example, they went with black, gray and white, which is always a really effective and modern look.

Design tip: monochromatic spaces need a lot of texture to keep the room interesting!

Here's a more warm, beige monochromatic palette from one of my favorites, Barbara Barry:

3. Natural wood.
Cathedral ceilings, wood beams, butcher block counter tops, exposed wood columns, natural wood floors (wide planked!), and of course, shiplap.

An example from Fixer Upper:

And another example with natural wood shelving, which adds great texture to the kitchen!

4. More White.
The white on white on white trend will certainly continue in 2017! There are more white cabinets and lots more white walls to be seen. The great thing about this trend is that it's actually really classic looking and can point towards a variety of different styles. Modern and sleek or a farmhouse examples below:


5. Use of bright green.
A la Pantone's Color of the Year, "Greenery".

In home decor:

In weddings:

6. Texture. 
Especially velvet and raw / honed surfaces.


Concrete countertop:

7. Marble everything!
Coasters, countertops, cutting boards, bookends, water bottles, laptop case patterns, even a SUITCASE pattern! You name, it's done in marble and it's everybody's favorite.

8. Smart home features and apps. 
This shouldn't be surprising! I bet a lot of us have been using technology for a while to operate certain features in our homes. This includes products like the Nest Thermostats (we have one and love it!), Sono's Speakers, Amazon Echo, home security systems, remote controlled shades, etc.

So which trends do you like best? If you can't get on board with trends in a big way, try adding a few things in a small way! Shop the wood, marble, velvet and green looks below:

Happy Thursday! PS. Don't forget to enter my giveaway here!
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