Thursday, October 8, 2015

How to Add Texture to Your Home This Fall

Candle holders / Candle 

The key to every warm and inviting home? Layers and texture. When you don't have texture, your accessories might get lost, your color palette will be flat, and you probably won't experience the warmth that these elements of design bring to the table. Fall is one of the best times to add those cozy textures and layers to your space, so I'm giving you my advice today.

Two things to keep in mind:

1. Mix it up.

Opposites attract in regards to combining textiles. Want to cozy up a space? Use a mixture of fabrics; some can be smooth, like silk curtains, and some more tactile, like a fleecy blanket. Hang rustic wood shelves and layer with smooth bowls. Layer a shag over a jute rug. The options are endless. Pairing the smooth, rough, fine, and course textures together will bring everything together.

2. Actual vs. Visual.

Whereas actual texture is tactile and there physical nature of the item, visual texture is the implied look of texture that is seen through different elements of design, like line, shape, pattern and color. Metallic accessories give a great sense of visual texture. It's key to have items with both actual and visual texture in your home!

Practical Ways to Achieve Texture:

Art or gallery wall frames
Rustic, wood elements (the ladder down below)
Rattan trays
Hand towels
Wall finishes-- add texture with your paint sheen, drywall texturing, wallpaper, tile, molding, wood details like wainscoting, etc.
Curtains and window treatments
Vases-- adding flowers, branches, etc. to them will change up the look!

Tying it together:

When you're adding these accessories, furniture selections, rugs, and decor to your home, keep in mind the type of texture they posses and remember to mix it up. A single vase could be glass, ceramic, wood, have a design, appear solid, have a metallic sheen. If you need a tray, consider if you need to add warmth through a woven basket look, a touch of glam with an all mirror tray, a subtle catch-all for mail in a sleek lacquer. Think about what look your room needs, as there are many options!

Happy Thursday!


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Essentials: Sweaters


As the third post in my Fall Essentials series, I'm showing you my favorite sweaters for Autumn. It's certainly sweater weather here in the mitten, so I might add one or two new items to my wardrobe that can also transition into winter. I wear a lot of pullover sweaters, but I also am loving the poncho / cardigan look. And those polka dots? Love. One of my other favorite styles (everyone who knows me will testify!) is the lace extender or tank top coming out of my sweater. 

This is my all time favorite lace tank to throw on under sweaters. I wish I had a picture of myself in it!

This one is almost identical to the other one I have, pictured here:
Boots (on sale!)

Where do you find your sweaters? Hope you all have a great Tuesday!


Monday, October 5, 2015

Historic Boston Town House Home Tour

Interior Design: Nina Farmer, Photos: Eric Piasecki for House Beautiful

This Boston Townhouse is historic, oozing with charm and style. There's so many elements I love, beginning with the brick exterior. I love brick! Moving into the dining space we're greeted with an entire niche of subway tile. I haven't seen this done a ton, but it's beautiful! The fireplace mantel is gorgeous, bringing in some glam to the home. Velvet couch an pair of occasional chairs? Yes please :) Finally, I love how the home seems to have a fairly consistent color palette: blues, greens, and neutrals but all in different values. The black accents grounds the spaces, which I'm a big fan of. I once heard a designer on Trading Spaces (back in the day-- I think I was 12!) say "Every room needs a touch of black", and that's always stuck with me.

What are your favorite elements of this historic townhouse house?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

5 Ways I Transition My Home into Fall

Happy OCTOBER! It's a sweet day over here, because this is my 2 year dating anniversary with my boyfriend. I love life with him! And I love that we met in my favorite season.

Transitioning into fall is really fun for me, but I feel the need to do it slowly. If I'm being honest, it's hard to say goodbye to summer! I feel funny about putting out all my fall decor all at once (especially before the leaves have even changed!), so I try to bring things out in stages. Here's my process:

1. First I put out a few pumpkins in a bowl, which I did last week after painting them white and adorning them with gold foil. I'm not really into the orange and red colors, so to fit in with my decor, I went neutral!

2. It got really chilly this week, so I brought out my warm blankets and draped them over the couch. My favorite blanket is from Costco, if you can believe it! But here are a few of my other faves:

Anything you can do to add texture to your home in the cooler seasons is a great way to warm things up.

3. Next I'll add some fall flowers to my porch. I picked up pink and purple Mums today to make the porch a little more festive. (Mums aren't my favorite, but here in Michigan, that's really all you can find and I actually quite like the purple ones I found.) I'll be sharing a picture of them on Instagram today. @michaelanoelledesigns 

4. I've got my eye on some really sweet fall pillows to spruce up my sofa for the season, too.  I'm a big fan of adding a few neutral seasonal pillows to the mix!

5. Next on my list is to find a new delicious smelling Fall candle. When I can, I love to support small, local businesses, so I think I'll go to my local antique store to find a homemade pumpkin spice or apple pie candle. This is mine from last year and it was amazing! (For you locals, I got it from the Painted Farm Girl)

Once we get into November, I'll probably hang a little thanksgiving banner and put out a Give Thanks print. As I said, easing my way into the new season is more fun! It gives me time to really enjoy each part of Fall. 

How are you transitioning your home to reflect Autumn?

Happy Thursday!
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