Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Finds

There are a ton of great finds this Friday, so I'm diving right in!

1. Anthropologie is having a 40% off their SALE sale. Use code EXTRA40 at checkout!

This shirt I wore for our engagement session is marked down to $50 and with an additional 40% off, it comes to $30! I'm kind of upset I didn't get it for this price ;)

Shop my faves:

You guys, those simple long sleeves and t-shirt are insanely cheap!

2. Lulu & Georgia is having a warehouse sale of up to 75% off accessories, furniture, pillows, rugs and more.

3. LOFT is offering 40% off. This sweater is so cute!!

4. Nordstrom has some great sale finds! Here are a few of my favorites:

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day this weekend! Happy weekend!


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine's Day Ideas, Recipes, & Tablescapes

Continuing on in our week leading up to Valentine's Day, I wanted to share a few beautiful ideas, delicious recipes, and other fun things with you I found while browsing Pinterest (aka my black hole...)


1. This Valentine's Day party is definitely one I would want to attend!

4. Style Me Pretty styled this GORGEOUS party, complete with treats, sips, fun, gifts and beautiful pink decor!

5. This cocktail looks like the prettiest and yummiest around.

6. If you have kids (or don't!) you'll want to make these adorable heart shaped pink pancakes. They're made pink without food dye-- guess what they're made pink with?! Beets! Genius!

Have you found any recipes, crafts, or tablescapes for Valentine's Day? Do share!

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wedding Bliss: My Wedding Shoes & Dress Shopping Tips

I'm so elated to start blogging about some of our wedding details! Next Monday I'll be announcing something really exciting, so stay tuned. Until then, I thought I'd show off my wedding day shoes and give you some insight to my dress shopping experience.

We got engaged a few days before I flew home to California for the holidays to spend a few weeks with my family. I was so thankful for the timing, because since we're getting married in California, my mom and I could do some planning while I was home. The first thing we did was go wedding dress shopping! And I'm happy to tell you I found THE dress! It was the sweetest day ever. I'm so glad I could share it with my mama (we also FaceTimed my best friend when we were deciding between two gowns and she confirmed the decision both my mom and I were leaning towards.)

Just my mom and I went shopping, because we actually shop really well together and she knows exactly what looks good on me and most importantly, she can tell when I genuinely love something and wants me to be happy and feel beautiful. I found my dress at the first place we went looking, which I was surprised about! Because of all the workshops we put on for Bloom with styled shoots, I've tried on many dresses before and I knew what style I liked best, so I did have a good idea of what I wanted upon walking through the doors.

Our consultant was so kind, which was a huge blessing. She pulled about 8 dresses and the gown I ended up saying "yes" to was number 6. I loved a bunch of the dresses I put on, but ultimately one stood out above the rest (and was the most comfortable...bonus!) Funny thing was, I think the 4th dress I tried on was the dress one of my best friend's wore on her wedding day. I knew immediately it was hers and quickly moved on :)

Obviously I can't show you the dress, but goodness, I can't wait for September so I finally can show it off! I can, however, show you the shoes I'll be wearing on our wedding day. I already showed my fiancé and he loved them. Because of our outdoor wedding venue and the ceremony location being on a lawn, I knew I wanted to wear a wedge. My mom went on the hunt and ended up finding these beauties in the perfect shade of blush. Our wedding colors are lavender, blush and navy, so the hint of pink will tie in perfectly (especially because the bridesmaids will be wearing soft pinks and lavenders). More on that in the coming weeks!

Here are a few dress shopping tips:

1. Only take people who you are confident will be helpful, kind, supportive and want what is best for you. A little honesty is key, but you don't want someone there who will hurt your feelings. After we said yes to the dress, I brought back my aunts and grandmas to see me in the dress. They all loved this and I found it very special!

2. Come with some ideas of styles you want to try on. I printed out a picture of a gown I absolutely loved the shape of, and that's what our consultant searched for. I ended up buying a gown that was almost identical :) (I know this doesn't happen for everyone!)

3. Trust your consultant (if you're at a dress shop that has great stylists, that is!) If the style you thought you would like doesn't look good on you, be willing to try something else.

4. Make sure you do your hair and makeup the way you feel most confident, so when you're looking in the mirror at yourself, you feel beautiful!

5. Bring shoes of your own that you can try on the gowns with. I brought a pair of wedges my mom has (similar to the shoes I ended up buying) to get the feel of what a wedge would be like.

6. Ask a lot of questions-- about the time the gown comes in, if they have recommended seamstresses or if they are in house, how the seamstress plans to shorten your gown (they almost always come in too long), etc.

7. Look for accessories at the bridal shop, but then also look on etsy when you get home to see if you can find something more cost effective (ie. garters, veils, belts, etc.)

8. Have fun and don't put pressure on yourself to find "the one" on day one.

I just love my shoes oh-so-much! They are beautiful, SO comfortable, the perfect shade of pink and the rhinestone strap is smooth so it won't catch on the bottom of my dress at all. 

Here are some other shoes that would be perfect for weddings:

I hope you like them! What shoes did you wear on your wedding? I'm thinking it might be a good idea to bring sandals for the reception :)

Have a great Wednesday!


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

My love language is two fold. First, I think I fall in the category of words of affirmation (but specifically in the form of hand written notes!) And then second is gifts. Both giving and receiving. After reading the 5 Love Languages book, I realized that you typically give love to others in the way you'd want to receive it. That makes total sense to me, because I just love giving people gifts and writing hand written notes :)

This brings me to Valentine's Day this weekend. I love finding fun things that McCann would like. Today I went to World Market scouring the shelves for a beer that he would love. (Funny, since I know nothing about beer, so we'll see how he likes it!) We're going to dinner together and just exchanging a small gift. The beer plus his favorite coffee beans will be my gift to him-- he's a huge coffee drinker.

In case you need some gift ideas for your guy, I've rounded some up for you!

What are you getting the guys in your life?


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