Friday, November 21, 2014

The Makings of a Fashion Post: Behind the Scenes

Being a blogger is great, but it comes with it's challenges. Perhaps the biggest challenge is finding someone who will take your pictures for fashion posts (without complaining or being embarrassed.) I often get asked who takes my pictures and I'm here to tell you today! When I am in California, I've trained my dad to use the camera. When I'm here in Michigan, my boyfriend gets stuck with this non-paying job. They are both great photographers, but what you don't know is that they are also great models!

What you see here on the blog are pretty pictures of my outfits, but what you don't see are the pictures I have to take of my dad and McCann before they take the pictures of me. In order to get the light and frame set up, my "photographer" has to stand in the shot for me while I get things ready to go. It's funny how they evolved since starting to help me with these photos. At first, both were embarrassed that we had to take pictures in public and just stood there, not looking at the camera. And now...well, now you can see for yourself below. They are quite bold in their posing ;) I guess they figured they would have fun while I "test the light" on them!

For everyone's enjoyment, I give you The Makings of a Fashion Post:

My favorite? Definitely the one of my dad with the balloons on the railroad tracks. In second place would be the one of my dad in his biking outfit and water shoes.  That's what happens when I ask him to quickly take some pictures of me before his Sunday bike ride and he doesn't have shoes on yet. He ran to get the closest pair, and unfortunately, but fortunately for this post, they were his "water/gardening" shoes. Finally, I love the one of McCann pointing his toe and angling to the side. He says that's the pose I do. I beg to differ... ;)

Black Dress & Balloons
Blue Pants & Chevron Top
Gray Coat & Black Boots 
Black Coat, Hat & Booties
Floral Pants & Sweater

I thought we could all use a good laugh this Friday, so there you have it. At the expense of my dad and boyfriend, you're welcome.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Buffet Decor & A Print for You

Thanksgiving is a week away and my house is having an identity crisis. My buffet is Thanksgiving and my bookshelf has Christmas decorations. I even put up my mini Christmas tree yesterday. With all this snow, who can blame me?! I love decorating simply, trying to avoid going over the top and taking the holiday decor too far. I think a the recipe for a sophisticated buffet is the following:

A print + candles (with unique candle holders) + something metallic (this pumpkin keeps it classy and elegant) + something with texture and / or a living element (the vase of thistles).

I asked Jessica Albers to create a Thanksgiving print for my buffet, because I absolutely love her calligraphy. Her feminine style is perfect for my apartment! You can download this print to use in your home, too! Keep scrolling to grab it :)

DETAILS | Polka dot vase / Dessert plates / Pumpkin / Candle stick holders (sold out, but similar here) / Pom pom garland

Guess what?! We want you to have the print for your Thanksgiving gathering, so you can purchase it for only $5 (seriously?!!) on Jessica's website HERE. What a beautiful reminder to give thanks in all things!

Are you decorating for Thanksgiving?

Don't forget to check out my Gift Guide: For Him from earlier today.

Happy Thursday!


Gift Guide: For Him

DETAILSUgg Slippers / Wallet / iphone Amplifier / Two tone sweater / Headphones / Computer Bag / Flannel Shirt / Cologne / BoxersGingham Tie / iPhone 6 / Hat / Watch /
*You can hover over these images to see the brand and click directly on them to shop the product.

As I sit on my couch putting this gift guide together, my boyfriend is sitting next to me making sure I put "good things" in this men's gift guide. He really wanted me to include a guitar on the list, but I didn't know how practical that was ;)

At the top of McCann's list is a new winter coat (which I think we found him at Banana Republic) and a few more warmer shirts for winter. This flannel shirt above is great! He wore the red version of it in my blog post from yesterday

If you're buying for a tech-loving guy, the iPhone 6 might suffice ;) Or these headphones or this amplifier.

I always get my dad a new cologne every Christmas, and this year I'm either trying the one above or this Jo Malone cologne I've heard lots of good things about!

Here are a few other gift ideas below:

What do the guys in your lives have on their list?!

Gift Guide posts:
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Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Snow Day

Yesterday was a snow day for most schools around here. I'm told a snow day in November is very, very rare, so naturally the state would get a TON of snow, WAY too early, on my first winter here. McCann actually couldn't make it to work because of all the snow, so he picked me up and drove me to his house, where we both had a work day. We also took a short break to venture into the snow and snap some pictures. He's pretty handsome, if I do say so myself :)

These freezing temps are making me want to do things like drink copious amounts of hot chocolate, work from the couch, watch Christmas movies and -- dare I say it -- even decorate for Christmas early. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've already started! 

So, yes, it's beginning to look a little like Christmas! What is the weather where you are?!

Don't forget to check out this morning's Gift Guide: For Her.

Enjoy your day!
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